I'm not a fan

and don't think I ever will be.
Fat people love JetStar and young mums with babies love JetStar, but Muzbot doesn't... but at last minute I had to get a flight and JetStar gave me the best price. I hope I don't have to travel last minute too often.


kookyknut said...

I've only ever flown Jetstar once. They don't compare at all to Virgin.

Tom said...

Ha ha, I know what you mean about the fat people. Never flown Jetstar but I flew Virgin to Tassie at the weekend, paying extra for the "blue-zone" exit row seats. Turns out I was the only one who used the extra space to keep my knees in. The others in my row were using it to stow their stomachs.

Victor said...

I've had bad experiences with Jetstar (flights cancelled without notice). I avoid them wherever possible.