I don't really talk much about work here on my blog. It's something that I kind of keep separate, but recently I've been mixing it up a bit and got involved in a new project.

I've started producing the weekly podcast we like to call "Talks on The Rocks". It's a series of lunchtime talks held each Friday in our museum. Each week we have a guest speaker who comes in and gives a short talk on an aspect of Sydney. Usually, the talk is based on an aspect of culture or history of Australia, Sydney and The Rocks. They are truly fascinating.

I've learnt some interesting facts. For example, did you know that in 1806 alone 41,000 seal furs were shipped from the inner harbour shores. Forty one thousand! Now, on those rare occasions I see a seal in the harbour, and it does happen once or twice a year, I will appreciate the sight just a little more.

But, if you're interested in cultural diversity and history then feel free to pop on to iTunes and have a listen.

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