It's just as amazing as a volcano erupting...

my "boys" have laid eggs. Yes, I'm totally in shock.

This is very unexpected. Yesterday morning #2 was being very protective of the rock that Blanket is on. As I looked closer I saw him tending to a clutch of eggs. They were not easy to photograph as Blanket is covering them so please forgive this not so clear shot. In clownfish the male is the smaller of the two: making #2 the male and Sandy the female.

This morning I watched the eggs a little more and realised small fry had already formed in the eggs and look close to actually hatching. They must have been laid about 6 days ago. Now, don't go expecting me to have any of these little fry survive. They will be gobbled up in no time by my other fish in the tank.

I'm very fascinated with my tank at the moment. Each morning I sit in front of it and get lost watching the amazing little invertebrates and critters that inhabit my tank.


Monty said...

Bless, you're going to be a granddaddy!!! :-)

Adaptive Radiation said...

Geeze...you seem to have a real knack for making things breed. First the anemones and now the anemone fish. Mood lighting, good feng shui, romantic music?

Peter said...

When they hatch don't give them names yet, you can do that when some of them are left [after the rest is gobbled up].

Monty beat me on the Granddaddy stuff ;-)