Meet Benny...

the blenny. Isn't he a happy chap. Look at the smile! He's one of the new additions to my bedroom. I had initially thought I would not see much of this fella because he's a small dude, only about 4cm in length, but he's curious and I see quite a bit of him. I think he loves his new home. There's lot's of little holes and crevices for him to play in. And now meet Carol the coral:
 This is a bit ambitious of me, but I'm giving some live coral a go. I'm really going to have to pay very close attention to the water and the nutrients to keep her alive.
Hanging off Carol are Tim, Toby and Taylor the tubeworms. They came along for the ride. They are very shy and very sensitive to movement and light.
So, this is kind of how things are looking at the moment. Carol is off to the right of pic, Snuggie at the back behind Carol. The boys are happy and even little Veruca (top purple/blue blur) have all settled in well.

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Adaptive Radiation said...

Cute. Bicolor blennies are one of my favourite fish. I used to have one in my reef tank when I was living back in Canberra. They have so much personality (and very pretty 'eyelashes' too).