Zipping up my boots...

goin' back to my roots. Getting back to my roots of the past few years and sitting on the edge. I like the edge.

I live close to Nth Head. It's a short walk from my place to these beautiful cliff faces. It's easy to get to as there are paths through the bush leading to some lookouts. But, paths are for pussies! I felt like getting close to the rock and with my trusty 510 bouldering shoes (that rarely see the light of day these days) I went on an adventure.

It had to be early as it's illegal to climb Nth Head. On most of the climbing websites they say that if the rangers catch you here they will slap a fine on you and confiscate your climbing gear. Well, I'm not that hardcore, so I was just doing short walls so no climbing gear was required. My destination was:

There are paths to each of the ledges, so it's easy to walk to a wall and climb up to the next ledge for a breather. Here's a closer look at where I plan on sitting for a few quiet moments:

Upon reaching my goal this is the view down over the edge:

I have to say I was being super cautious. We've had some rain over the past few days and there was a lot of loose sandstone, but the rain had also washed a lot of the smaller sand away making the rock feel sticky to grip. A very good feeling. Above my resting point was another small wall. This one was an easy climb to the very top. This view is looking down the final wall:

I would encourage anyone to come and visit this spot. Bring a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and it's beautiful to sit and watch evening approach. It truly is one of my fave spots in the world. The view from up here is spectacular:

I love just sitting and being quiet. I don't really think about much, my mind is usually clear and I just experience the moment. Nature provided me with all the thought I need. The updraft, the sound of the waves crashing way below, the sun on my face and my head is clear.
See how satisfied I look:


kim at allconsuming said...

Oh man, love it.

kheroseno said...

Very nice place and nice views.
You should visit some Galician cliffs. I live next to "Cabo Home" and the "Costa de Soavela". I can feel the same experience when sit there on the stones. I´m sure you would like this place.
Thanks for sharing the photos Muzbot!