Another milestone achieved...

As a young lad growing up in urban sunny down-town Queensland, in a household where motorsport featured heavily, I've daydreamed about being on the starting grid of the famous Mt Panorama circuit in Bathurst. And even more so, something I would have never dreamed of getting the chance to say is: "Yeah, I had a good race in Bathurst on the weekend."

But, that is exactly what I can say today. Ok, this may be a little misleading. I wasn't in any motorsport race, it was the Edgell Bathurst Jog. My first fun run. But, a fun run is still one of my milestones that I wanted to achieve this year. It was an 8km run and I managed to complete it in 46 minutes. Probably finishing mid pack. It's given me a little boost of confidence in my running ability and I'm looking forward to next Sunday's 9km Sydney Bridge Run.

I spent the weekend in Bathurst visiting my good friends and catching up on the past few months. It was great to also have the chance to go on a decent long ride on my bike, get the revs up and clear some "city riding" cobwebs out of her engine. So to celebrate, I took my bike onto the Bathurst circuit and parked on the starting grid and took a photo. It was just the greatest weekend. Super big grin on my face this morning.


Monty said...

That's a GREAT pic of you and your bike Muz! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :-) Congrats on your results for the fun run! Good luck this Sunday - if I am awake (unlikely) at that time, I'll be thinking of you! lol

Christerbjorn said...

Hey Muz,
Fantastic work with the Fun Run, those endorphins must be just pumping through you.
I love the Pic on the starting grid. You should have just told us that you were motorcycle racing, we would have all just told you to be safe (Well as safe as you can be while still achieving the adrenaline rush).
It's great to hear that you had a fantastic weekend, that's all you can ask for anybody that you care for.