October - Bring it on.

Hurry up already… I’m really looking forward to the month ahead. Now, I know there is a whole weekend in between now and then but why can’t I get just a little tiny bit excited?!

For me, the month will start with another “costume” party and end with a weekend away in the Whitsundays. The sweet gooey centre time in the middle will be filled with laughs and lots of getting out and having fun – the weather is going to be fantastic here in Sydney. I’ve even folded up my jumpers and sweatshirts and put them away in the cupboard. Bye-bye winter, I had a great time with you, but really, we both want different things and it’s time for me to get over you and enjoy my blossoming relationship with spring.

BlogFriday: "Start"


richgold said...

Ok. This is funny as we're just taking out our jumpers and such.

(I saw you posting from Sydney and thought of Nova Scotia first ;-) Happy summer to you. Bring on winter for us!

Monty said...

ha ha! Love the Hawaiian Muzbot! Awesome - Whitsundays will be perfect mate! ummm, are you going by yourself? Or with someone special? ;-)

Have a great weekend! It's going to be a sensational one for me too!!!!!!!!!! 4 hrs to go! Yay!

Muzbot said...

Monty Monty Monty... What r u getting at? I'm going by myself to visit someone special: My big sister. It's her 40th.

Monty said...

Awwwww, you're such a good guy Muz! Your sister is lucky to have you! :-) Enjoy mr!

Boser Wolf said...

see ya muz.. hope oct and the rest of the year holds bigger and better things for ya.

cuteCTguy said...

Great Banner. Cool. you are one talent boy.

Jonathan said...

In the UK we are busy watching everything die at the moment... winter is suddenly approaching very fast after a somewhat late (and brief) summer.

Great blog btw.

cuteCTguy said...

Clothing put away
On the promise of spring
Mind and body exposed anew

(hmm I am trying this Haiku lark).

Darth Gateau said...

My summer clothing is now wrapped in scented tissue paper and I'm fluffing up my wooliest jumpers.
Fortunately, I'll be off to sunnier climes soon enough - Yay!Now that you have all of that gooey soft centre of a month ahead, does this mean that you'll be fulfilling your promise to carry out your dare...?
Love the banner.

Darth Gateau said...

p.s. With regard to Haiku... what are the guidelines?
Off to Tokyo on Sunday so I'll do my best to whip up a couple about my trip.

Muzbot said...

Darth: The haiku is not too difficult. It is three lines of observation. The syllables per line are 7 - 5 - 7. Traveling is a great time to think of haiku's.

CuteCTguy: you were very close. The sentiment is there, but your fist line needs a couple more syllables to it. But I like it just as it is.

Here's a haiku from my night tonight:

So many pretty faces
Disco lights flashing
I'm a fish out of water.

Darth Gateau said...

right. Just looked up Haiku. Heck. It seems quite easy in principle but then can get really complex.

Standard formal haiku are structured 5-7-5 but English free-form haiku can be 3-4-3, 4-5-4 or have 4 lines. Usually tho they are 17 syllables or less.
Hmmm... so few syllables and so many words to use.
How d'you do it Muz?!

cuteCTguy said...

Also I thought with Haiku's, there out to be a reference to seasons, emotions? Hmm not trusting Wiki on this. Luckily I bought a book of Japanese Haiku.. going home to nurse my cold and read it.
Glad you liked my meagre effort Muz. Yours describes you well (from what I gather). Have a great weekend Muz.

Brechi said...

I love your new header.

kookyknut said...

i'm with brechi, new header is trés hot

Muzbot said...

Thanks Brechi.

Hmmm... I must go and investigate the Haiku structure again. I was sure I was taught a 7-5-7 structure. Ah well, from this I guess we can assume that I'm not a tradionalist. My style is "Modern Haiku Fusion". :)

So to correctly re-write last night's history:

Flashy disco lights
Pretty faces everywhere
I just don't fit in.

Muzbot said...

And thanks Kookyknut. :)

Canberrabiker said...

Muz, mate, 7-5-7 ? Do the maths ! Have a good time out tonight. I'm sure you WON'T be a fish out of water.

Haiku to impending spring:

The scorpion sets,
its sting one last winter frost -
the hunter rises.

Canberrabiker said...

PS - Just noticed your version of Hokusai's Great Wave in your banner - nice

Sh@ney said...

Enjoy the Whitsundays...I had the opportunity to go up there for 2 weeks free of charge & knocked it back, it wasn't a good time for me at that stage...But I sure wished I had of just did it!

hugs xox

judo said...

Nice banner, Muzbot. I love that style ... if I can call it that. Every time I see one of those waves I think of you.

Bangkok has been fun for the weekend. Went and cuddled some teensy weensy baby tigers ... grrr ... purrr ... yesterday. Was fan-bloddy-tastic.

Now just waiting for the big bird to fly me home to Sydney.

Catch you soon.