Awesome Duuuuude.

Man, I'm going to have to seriously train hard if I'm going to do this. Somehow I think I'll be the "sissy mary" pushin' it up that rock.


Billy (Pasadena CA) said...

I think going down would be a lot more fun. Not as much training required for that :)


Darth Gateau said...

I request a blog name change to Marybot

Monty said...

Totally like wow man! That looks so cool Mary! I'm deeply envious - looks like seriously good fun you're going to have! (and a little bit of hard work)


judo said...

Walk of shame, Bro. Walk of shame. Sounds like something they'd say on Weakest Link.

Don't worry Muzbot ... I'll be walking a few too.

Just don't give Steve a video camera. That way you can deny it ever happened.

stee said...

bring on the video evidence..