Count the number of Yamaha's on the podium at Le Mans. In my world that's called a "whitewash"!

Rossi first, Fiat team mate Jorge second and Edwards from Team Tech 3 third. It was another interesting race with rain threatening to create drama in the final 10 laps. This was also the first race that I can recall where a rider's chain broke mid race. I had always thought a broken chain at high speed would have caused more carnage but it was rather uneventful as the chain snaked its way across the track out of harms way.

Where is our lad Casey Stoner? Bike problems for both him and team mate Marco Melandri must be heart breaking. Last place finishers.


judo said...

Another comment worthy post on MotoGP.

Seems it is not a big favourite of your harem of admirers.

Oh well, at least I enjoy your motor racing musings.

Muzbot said...

Judo: Do you know why I blog? I don't blog for comments. I sometime might ask for opinions or discussions, but a "harem of admirers"? Cmon now. You should know better than that.

I sometimes wish I had bike discussions here, but I know it's not going to happen. I just blog about thoughts or interests and if there are comments on my thoughts then I'm glad someone took the time to share a though or two back with me.

T$ said...

You've been tag tag tagged:

The Book Meme

Play along...or ignore at your leisure...

Monty said...

"Harem of admirers" - love it! Is this one of those obscure collective terms or just one that you made up? LOL

judo said...

Muzbot: I know you don't blog for the fame (or the money), but the fact is many of us admire your work and enjoy your company!

As for the MotoGP, I agree that it was a great day. Interestingly, all races had a similar finish. A clear winner and a fight for second, third and fourth. I was on the edge of my seat ... like I am watching State of Origin tonight ... hope the Blues can keep it up.

Monty: I thought harem was a great collective noun for a collection of admirers, but I don't know if it is technically correct. Maybe someone needs to do some research.

Darth Gateau said...

harem of admirers?

I don't want to be part of a harem. I thought I was unique and special...