The 24hour party people...

are a bad influence. Or maybe it's my encouragement that's influencing them.

I had an absolutely enjoyable weekend. Saturday saw me out and riding my bike for a few hours. It seems like ages since I've been out by myself. I pulled up outside a cafe and decided to stop there for breakfast. The menu had a few good choices on it, but I really couldn't decide, savoury or sweet, so I checked out the specials board. "Carrot, walnut and orange toast" was scrawled down the bottom of the board and that was an unusual but good enough option for me. After placing my order a waitress returned a few moments later with a big slab of cake and proclaimed “Oooo, cake for breakfast? You are a naughty boy!” I was a little surprised but I re-read the specials board and realised that the word “toast” was actually “tart”. D’oh (it was hardly a “tart”). But, I tucked into my cake as others looked on enviously at my bold breakfast choice.

Saturday night was spent with mates and I have to thank Dave for seeing me home safely early Sunday morning after I managed to party just a little too hard. I’ve met some very nice people recently and I’m starting to really enjoy being a little more social.

And now for a song on high rotation from Muzbot's iPod, an oldie but a good tune:
Bossa Nostra feat. Bruna Loppez - Jackie (1999)


Anonymous said...

You sure found a great place to spend saturday
night...I couldn't last too long down there. After
numerous glasses of red with dinner...drinking
beer to try and 'get into the mood' was a stupid
idea. The heat made the flu feel chronic...and if
you remember, my words were rather incoherent.

Well, i'll be back next week to try again.

Actually, no, i'll be minding people's clothes at
the door.


Darth Gateau said...

"down there"...?
I only meant to leave a comment about cake for breakfast but now I'm intrigued to find out where you spent your Saturday night...

Mike said...

That's a very fiiine track and has gone straight onto my must-acquire list. Do you know the rest of the album or did you get it off a EuroLounge compilation?

My return offering is today's discovery from Waldeck's "Ballroom Stories": www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS94aHurgO0

Anonymous said...

oh, i made is sounds kinda filthy didn't I....that
was unintentional.

"too long down there"
"into the mood"
"minding people's clothes"

the mind does go off track to places otherwise
not intended.

anyhow, back to breakfast...
I suggest Kawa on Crown St, Surry Hills.


Muzbot said...

Marty: After my effort last weekend I believe I will be taking it easy and keeping a low profile this weekend.

Mike: your YouTube link had me selecting the related links for hours. Some nice tunes there.

DG: Like many shy creatures, I often don't show my face, but when I do I select the darkest chambers hidden deep underground in which to socialise.