Feels like heaven...

It's boys and their toys.

It's the new R1. It's hot, and I want one.

There's something about a hot swingarm that REALLY does it for me.
- - - - - - - - - - -
*deep breath* - Now this, my friends, is the new F4:

at $185 000, it's worth us having a look at it from another angle:

and time or money have no meaning
in a place called... heaven.


peter said...

M, the smell of oil and leather must be heaven for you too.

Kezza said...

How the hell is any bike worth $185,000??? For that kind of money I could have a C63, M3 or RS4, fully kitted out with a few nice mods, but that might just be me being a car guy and getting hard at the though of a high tech Euro V8.

I will admit, the new R1 stirs my soul in unusual ways too!

vorn said...

Very nice!
I would give my left testi for that bike :)

Victor said...

I looked up 'swingarm' in Wikipedia in the vain hope it might be something to do with sex and didn't understand a word of the explanation.

Darth Gateau said...

please can you give an explanation of 'swingarm'? But make it sound sexy!

Muzbot said...


(Thanks Mike for putting me on to Let Me Google That For You")

Muzbot said...

One more: