Cafe conversations...

I love the social atmosphere of cafes and beer gardens. They are (mostly) so relaxing and foster an atmosphere of friendly conversations. I enjoy people watching and hanging out with my close friends in these locations. Every now and then, at a table nearby, someone's voice is a little louder and you catch a segment of their conversation.

Based on my most recent post about an overheard conversation that bugged me, here are a couple that have amused me or made me want to know what the hell they were talking about:

- - - - -
"Tell me honey, what did we just do?"

- - - - -
"I'm getting too old to run."
"How old are you now?"

- - - - -
"Look at you, you radiate divinity this morning"

- - - - -
"So I said to him why don't you just Google my butt then?!"

- - - - -
"I was doing the elegant breasts. NOT the Maria Venuti type."

....That last one just cracked me up.


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

I overheard a couple in the cinema before the movie started - she was looking thru the pictures on his mobile phone and she said "so why did you take a photo of me on the toilet taking a crap ??"

Sadly he did not answer !!

Kezza said...

I think the best thing about conversations like that is the fact that they have no context and are almost always good fun because of it!

Victor said...

'Google my bum.' wtf?