Totally random iPod trivia pop quiz: Week 4

Welcome to week 4! Download now.

Another bonus round week. Same deal as last time, and this time I've included the space to answer the bonus points on the main form (at the very bottom).

This week should be no more difficult than previous rounds. Last week we seemed to have had a couple of drop-outs from the quiz, so the race is on. This round is worth 15 points + a possible 10 bonus points.

Cover art bonus round:
For this you'll need to give me the artist and album name.
Each album is worth half a point. Each artist is worth half a point.

1 comment:

Kezza said...

He he he, your trivia is the highlight of my week Muz, What the hell am I going to do when they finish? Oh I also get the feeling I'll have taken a massive slide this week... Stop making them so hard!