Muzbot's totally random iPod trivia pop quiz. Week 3

Here is a link to where you'll find the 3rd week's MP3: WEEK 3. (Worth 22 points.)

I was going to do an 80's themed quiz this week, but as it turns out most of the random songs that came up this week were from the 80's anyway.

I'm enjoying producing these quizzes. I've used a higher compression on the mp3 this week, so the quality is lacking, but the download should be much smaller. Good luck.


Mike said...

a little easier this week, but remind me not to try to pick up a bassline in a mashup while a dog is gnawing on a bone right next to me!

Kezza said...

FARK MUZ! I reckon I'm going to take a dive this week, but then again my knowledge base is pretty minimal. I'm loving the trivia to bits though so keep em coming!!!