Nice couple of days.

Friday afternoon, good news everyone. Clover Moore, our mayor, has finally done something for us motorcyclists. We can now park for free in the city. A big Woot to this!

Friday night: dine with this view. I'll miss the roof top when I move. But some beers and take-away and my own company made for a very relaxing end to the week. Watched the ships coming and going on the harbour.
Sat morning: Breakfast at The Bunker. My total fave breakfast local. Today was savory mince on toast, another classic from my childhood. Hey Dave look: Position "Vacant Waitress"... And there she is:
Kitchen: Demolition in progress.
Lunch: KFC. Oh yeah, give me some of those "Wicked Wings". Yum. Burp. Ride bike.Awwww, Sydney sunsets are just beautiful.


Dave said...

maybe you need to explain the "position vacant waitress" to everyone else... :)

wcs said...

Looks like a fine weekend.

Kezza said...

Now thats what I call a sunset! Sydney is such an awesome city, shame it's in equal measure such a cunt of a place (well, in my opinion) but that may just be because I've only worked there, never lived or relaxed there. Next holidays I have do you want to show me the sights Muz?

Victor said...

I thought you had moved to Manly. Are you back in the eastern suburbs?

Muzbot said...

Dave: I think everyone else needs to join us for breakfast to understand.
WCS: It was, thank you.
Kezza: I'll have a special itinerary prepared. :)
Victor: Moving... soon. Renos are happening first. I'm a patient soul.

Darth Gateau said...

sigh. I DO love Sydney.