Come fly with me let's fly, let's fly away...

I'm just starting to get into "Impressive & sensational freestyle stuntkiting".

The pic on the left is my new kite. I chose this kite because it's well rated for traction, it has a high speed rating, it is highly rated for tricks and precision and works well in low wind. Oh, and I came in my colours: red, white and black. The only downside is that the operator, i.e: me, is supposed to be reasonably experienced, but frankly, I'm not letting that minor detail stop me. Let's get out there and have some kite kind of fun.


Dave said...

[in best pru and tru voice]
looks kite nice :)

Tom said...

Are those the ones you stand on a board and hold on to the kite whilst you're half surfing, half getting pulled along by the wind? I've seen them do that at Palmie and it looks amazing!

wcs said...

Kite in French = cerf-volant

Literally "flying deer" but also the name of a large beetle.

Useless factoid of the day.