I'm loving this right now...

These are my two most favorite songs of the moment:

Great lyrics.
"I only know that your the one that always makes me feel it
It's nothing that you do lets just say it's just the way you are
If I could bottle what you got then life would be real perfect
I'll take it as it comes, any way you choose to give it"

The Black Ghosts 'Anyway You Choose To Give It'

And this track is like nothing else I've heard in a very long time. It just blows me away. A song has not brought tears to my eyes in a VERY long time...
"Still hanging on (for what)
Can’t operate (fired up)
I won’t eat and I won't sleep for you yeah
No rest till I (get through)
'Coz I’m holding out (for you)
Am I the only one who’s insane"

Ladyhawke - My Delirium (JBAG Hot Pop Remix)

And one more for good luck... This one is once again on high rotation. Another song that just makes me wat to shake my rump.

Hot Chip - Over and Over


Mike said...

Ladyhawke sounds like Stevie Nicks

kookyknut said...

Download the Boy 8-bit remix of "Anyway you choose to give it", it's fantastic.