Summer sun...

and getting out and enjoying it!

This weekend was my first full weekend at home that I've had to myself in ages. And it was a hot one too. Fantastic!

Ok, there were a couple of times where I really felt like some company, but to be able to just wander down to the beach and go for a dip was perfect. The ocean had mixed currents running along the coast this weekend and while the water remained nice and chilled, every now and then a really cold or warm pool of water would stream by. The ocean was flat and clean too.

When the water is calm like this you can see lots of fish swimming in and around you. This morning when I went down for a swim the water was still calm and as i walked into the ocean a small school of stingrays swam around my feet. At first I was a little startled because they were very hard to see against the colour of the sand, but they swam about and were very curious about me. One of then even stopped to have a little nibble/suck on the top of my foot. Creepy what.


Adaptive Radiation said...

When it comes to sting rays, I can think of two words of caution: Steve Irwin

Peter said...

Muz, it must be a great feeling that you can still see what's swimming below/around you, and that in water surrounding a major city.