You're a clown...

and you're not my ideal medical practitioner. Seriously, when I visit a doctor I really expect a level of professionalism.

The other day I visited my local eye care centre to have my eyes checked. All good except they didn't have the specialist equiptment needed to investigate the black spot in my vision. But their city centre did so yesterday I went to see a specialist there.

Waiting. I hate waiting rooms. This wasn't too bad I guess because I wasn't surrounded by sick looking sad people. Just healthy looking sad people. Anyhoo, the Dr comes out with his previous patient and apologises for being late, he said that I should really blame "her", pointing to his previous patient. "She was late, so now you're going to be late!" I said I didn't care less, at least I'm not at work.

He was a weird man. Very jovial. Too jovial for me. Everything was a joke to him. He did some tests wrote some stuff down on my file then wrote something on the prescription pad. He then said, "You know what? Screw this." and threw.the.pad.out.into.the.hall and said I didn't need a prescription. "You've got perfect sight, you don't need glasses." Well duh.

Yeah, I know... um but I still can't see out my right eye and they both are causing me pain every evening and morning so, let's get on with this please.

A few more tests, dye injections and colour lights flashing and he figured it out. He explained what the issue was, with diagrams. But frankly I can't even remember what he called my condition. I was not interested in listening to him any longer. It didn't sound serious and there was a simple solution of drops and massaging of the problem glands so why should I care what it's called. I just could not wait to get away from this most creepy man I've ever had to deal with.. and I've known some creeps!


Mike said...

It could have been much, much worse

Dyl said...

It would've annoyed the hell out of me too. You can't fake a sense of humour.

By the way, I've just nominated you for one of those blogging award meme things (see my blog). Don't feel obliged. x