I'm really enjoying my hobby...

and that actually really sounds weird coming from these lips. I feel like I'm creating a little, weird, living alien world in my bedroom. I'm fascinated by it. It's the new "TV". So with that, let's have a look at soe of these alien creatures:

This is Ita. She is the new kid on the block. Very shy. But wow, that yellow colour on her is stunning. These fish are shy in nature. I think she was wrongly identified in the aquarium. They said Copper Striped Butterfly. However, I believe she definately not one of them, but I don't know what she is. She is a juvenile so it'll be cool if I can get her to grow to maturity.

And so on to some of the other alien creatures. Don't even ask me to identify these. They are the flowers in my world.

Check it out! I LOVE this piece pf coral. I took many photos on many settings to try and capture this in true colour. This is taken with only ultra-violet and filtered daylight. How freakin' cool is this! It's tiny too. So very very small. The whole rock that this is on is only just bigger than a fist.

Another crazily coloured creature. This one moving in the current is very cool. I recently bought a power-head to create a stronger current in the tank. Like that of a tide change. So in doing this I'm giving these corals a go. I've not had huge success in my life looking after coral. So this is a challenge, but every piece of coral looks incredibly healthy... and really weird.

Another photo taken under UV and filtered daylight. This one is so alien. It is mesmerizing to watch in the current. It's a deep burgundy colour with little fluorescent tips. After I feed them this one's tips are a little longer.

This thing is beautiful. Fluorescent lime green centres, browny flesh and a purple base. This one is the most sensitive of the lot of them it seems. It's not out on show all the time. But occasionally, I've seen the whole rock covered in these flowers and it looks so much like an alien flower bed.

I did the numerous water quality tests today and it was perfect. I have to say I am very happy with myself. The "boys" have even laid a new batch of eggs. I may actually think about trying to save one lot soon.

This little world is very cool and it fascinates me. As I said, it's the new TV.


Dave said...

great pics muz! look forward to seeing next time i'm over.

Peter said...

You love it as a hobby because it's not work related. They have a mind of their own but they still need your help by staying healthy [and alive].