Yes. I'm sure.

Today I say goodbye to Facebook, and probably a lot of "friends" too.

While traveling to work this morning this thought hit me: Would my life change in any way if I didn't have a Facebook account?

So, will it? This is my social experiment. Time to see what being "social" is all about. Does Facebook make a difference? Somehow I doubted it. Sure I enjoyed sharing links to YouTube, seeing what others were up to, reading witty status updates and getting invited to parties BUT why? These people are supposed to be my "friends" aren't they? Shouldn't this stuff happen with out Facebook? So when it comes down to it I wondered if I had lazy friends or indeed if these people really are friends or just people I can say "Hi" to if I see them out and about.

I looked through the pages I had favourited or "liked" and realise I delete most of the msgs from these bands or people because they were just revised messages from Twitter. I was getting updates twice. In fact I was usually getting the updates on Twitter before Facebook. Facebook became a little annoying (I shall give my thoughts on Twitter in another blog post).

So far the response has been "Oh, were you worried about your privacy?" And frankly, no I'm not. I would not share anything on Facebook that I didn't want to. And if the CIA or ASIO really wanted to know that I like quoting the Simpson's then good for them.

So let's just see...


judo said...

Good on you, big man.

And ... oh, yes ... I am watching you!

Anonymous said...

ohh I would dump twitter and keep facebook !

Cheers tomcatbondi

PS do you ever update your 'ask me anything formspring' thingy >>??