Aren't kids just great...

Wow, let's stop the nation, bring out the prime minister, sound the drums and trumpets, have a nation wide party for these kids and their follies.

I wonder if I'm being a bit harsh here. These kids actually did achieve something rather remarkable and they did it on their own, or so the marketing has led you to believe.

I have no idea how much money was spent on Jessica's return to Sydney after her solo journey. It must have been a lot. Roads were closed, scheduled broadcasts were stopped, there was helicopters flying around and around, extra police and services were in place. So much money spent for what? Really. What? Oh, yeah, that's right, these people are supposed to be inspirational. They've given up so much to achieve their goal. A goal that was purely self motivated and self centered. Well, here... go and read this.

Daily life has its challenges and there are so many people who actually really deserve so much more - because they give so much more. Please, keep it real.

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