This Geocaching game sux...

or, more to the point, I suck at it.
In theory it sounds like great fun:

It's a global treasure hunt where you register online to play, login, read the clues, add the GPS location into your GPS, put on your walking shoes and head outside into the world and discover interesting places and history all over the land... and ultimately, find the Geocache and log your visit.

Dave and I went out a few weekends ago on a walk to find some of the local Nth Sydney Geocaches. Did we find any? Bzzzzt. NO. We did the same thing yesterday and even went to try and find the ones we hadn't found previously. I'm so crapat it. It really annoys me when I read the comments by others who have found these things and they say "Easy find, my 10th for the day!" or "I stood back and there it was, an easy find". Maybe I'm just not geeky enough for this game.

But as with all Geocaching outings I did find something. I've found parks and places that I never knew existed. Some of them are tiny little gems tucked away in the urban mass. One like the above. This is Sawmiller's Reserve. It even has a ship wreck on it's banks. This spot is very beautiful. There's a "tree house" structure for kids and you can even bring the dogs. And what a view. "A nice spot for a get-together" I thought.

Hmmm... So, here's my plan: I'm going to open up my birthday invitation to all bloggers and readers to come along to meet up and have a picnic on Australia day. Details will follow.


Monty said...

So you're combining your Birthday with an unofficial bloggers meet are you? Excellent! :-)

h&b said...

Scary stalker blogger people ?
My mum would be having stern words with you, my man !

As for that Geocacheing thing, i've read your adventures with interest and always thought it sounded pretty cool. If I was always 'losing' though, i'd hate it. Coz i'm like that.

Happy Upcoming Birthday !

Muzbot said...

H&B: Thankyou. :)
and I've looked at my blog stats, and made sure the park is large enough for the thousands of readers and blogger people...

But on a more realistic note, The few people who want to come along can email me for details.

You thinking of coming up? :)

Darth Gateau said...

I'm buying my ticket to return immediately. I landed in London at 5.30am, it's now 8am ish, super cold, super dark - both of which match my mood.

h&b said...

no - I won't be in Sydney .. I doubt i'm even allowed to fly domestic at this stage :p

Have a great day/night though !