When you realise the world is lying to you...

what do you trust?

It's funny. Recently I found out that what I smell may not be what you smell. I have had this checked out and I know the reason for it. Until very recently I've actually been unaware of this. But, now suddenly I'm aware. Now suddenly I understand. And now that I know, I don't trust my own sense.

Now that I know that I may not be smelling something correct, I doubt myself.

I know it's very amusing. I smell sweet flowers, you smell something damp or wet. Now, I feel like I have to ask "Can you smell that? Does it smell like x to you?"

And sometimes I can't ask. Like tonight. I'm alone in my room and I can smell perfume. It's very distinct. Like someone is next to me. The window is open. It's just been raining outside and I'm wondering if it's the rain that smells like sweet perfume. I sit up and think to myself, what if it's smoke and I can't smell it. I reassure myself that I know what smoke smells like. But it's that stupid doubt that I never had before now that bugs me.

The past week I've been laughing about this mostly. But not tonight.


seymour said...

Don't let it get you down fella. Imagine if this was happening to your vision or hearing.

Its not funny at all.

Trust me.

Peter said...

Muzbot, install a smoke alarm, life is to precious.

Tom said...

Have you had it checked out? How's your sense of taste? When your beer tastes funny and chocolate tastes disgusting that's when it becomes a problem!

I hope it clears up soon :)