I'd never want to come across as preachy, but...

it would be great if every household would watch at least one episode of this show:
Carbon Cops.

I've really debated with myself about posting this, but I'm one of those people who think. This TV show really is fascinating and is actually useful TV. It's frank.

The episode tonight showed how one household had reduced their emissions by just over 50%*. Over a year, this saved them close to $200 a week. They were a family of 4 adults. Ok, sure they were very excessive (5 refrigerators!), but in principle, they were like my family and each one of them individually was like me... a consumer.

This world I live in has many problems. Many that seem so distant to me. If you heed some advice about this stuff, then you really will make a difference. A difference to what? That's a question that only you can answer... if you think about it too.

*note: I calculated my personal carbon emissions earlier last year and this is not new to me, it is interesting to me. I just would love others to take a moment to think or just be aware of this too. Have you? I'm inviting comments on this and for you to share with me your thoughts.

Preachy blog over, normal blogging will return soon.


mykel said...

i've seen that show and am continually gobsmacked at the way some people live and the amount of energy they use. now i'm not perfect but i have changed over the lightbulbs, have a water saving head on the shower, put on a jumper in winter when i'm cold, don't own transport so bus, train or walk to get to where i'm going, etc etc. that being said i probably still contribute to the problem more than i need to but i do try.

i've just never understood what people could possibly need five fridges for?

the one that got me though was the guy who collected old games and pinball machines and had them on all the time, combined with a multitude of other appliances and yes if i remember correctly they had four fridges in their house.

sorry bit of a rant, and you thought you were sounding preachy:)xx

Fox said...

It needs to be said Muz - the more people are aware of how their everyday choices affect the planet we live in the better.


h&b said...

I watch that show :p