Well, there's a first time for everything...

Picture this: 8am Monday morning. Muzbot with his shirt off dancing on the dance floor at Arc.

Well, that scene played out as a very big weekend drew to a close.


Monty said...

Damn! Missed that particular perving opportunity!!! I have a mental picture...but the real thing would've been better! LOL

Damn Damn Damn Damn!

I take it you were *cough* sick today and unable to go to work??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

You made it to Arc? You also were showing us your furry chest earlier last night at both Bad Dog and Phoenix. You are one good looking man Muzbot. Hope you had a great night. You looked like you were.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry about that (you know what I mean about the deleted comment).

But seriously, as I said. You are a good man with a great spirit... and a special grin that makes others smile too.


Darth Gateau said...


Fabulous! I'd have loved to have seen that. I was at Arc over Christmas - I kept my shirt on. I did leave at a similar time tho.

Well done you. I missed it... :¬(

seymour said...

you look great with your shirt off woofer!

joe*to*hell said...

well where are the actual photos???

kookyknut said...

you big poof! was good to see you... and for futurue reference... it's ARQ. looking fwd to saturday. x