You'd think that a show containing acrobats, magicians, singers, dancers and musicians would be entertaining, right?

Last night I took my sister and her husband to the French performance "Au Revoir Parapluie". It promised to be a circus of entertainment, but you know what, I was just plain bored. Maybe I was expecting too much. But for me, it was just absurd. Watching performers twist their wrist and elbows into stupid positions and then throw themselves on the floor is not really my idea of entertainment. But credit where credit is due, the performers were good at throwing themselves on the floor. It was in one of my favourite venues, Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay, so that was a saviour.

So, after the show (which my Sister actually enjoyed, so that was a good thing) "The 38th annual Festival of the Muzbot" continued with a wander and pub crawl in The Rocks. Really, what else is there to do in The Rocks other than go to the pub? The Argyle was as beautiful as ever and rather busy for a school night. We managed to not let the night get out of hand and we were home a little after midnight, very tired after a great day.

It was a great day. I have to say that I was blown away by the many fantastic birthday wishes. There are some beautiful and special people in this world and I'm glad I know some of you.


Darth Gateau said...

hmmm... "Goodbye Umbrella" ?


Anyhoo... I'm off to see Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow - similar theme but usually entertaining (mainly beacuse some of their performers are super hot!)
Glad you're having a successful Festival of Muzbot. Will it end in a colourful street parade...?

mykel said...

Hey Muzbot, hope you had a great birthday!! enjoy tomorrow, i would have loved to come along but i'm still in Tassie (have you climbed cradle mountain? it's amazing!!)i digress, have a great day tomorrow xx