Blogging meme

I wasn't going to do this meme because I'm not sure I read enough personal blogs. However, here we go: (I'll try not to double up)

1. Which blog has been on your current blogroll the longest? Allconsuming. - and good friend.
2. Which blog is the most recent addition? Man of Lettuce - Being a cab driver in Sydney must be a difficult job, but also entertaining.
3. Which blog sends you the most traffic? Much Ado About Monty - Thanks buddy. :)
4. Which blog has the best design? Team Emu Draft - Well, not yet, but I have been asked to re-design, so it will have soon. :) But actually, I love heading to Buffalo Void.
5. Which blog has the best title? The Superficial - because you're ugly
6. Which blog has the best images? Drawn! - Because I love illustration.
7. Which blog has the most self pics? Nigel Barker - and other pics too.
8. Which blog is most similar to yours? Now this is a tricky one. I don't talk about (or rarely talk about) relationships, dating, work or politics... Hmmm, that rules out most blogs I read. I'll just pass on this one. They are all interesting in their own ways.
9. Which blog is most different? The work related blogs. eCommerce Cache. Interesting huh?!
10. Which blog is most political? At the moment it seems to be Contextual Musings
11. Which blogger posts most often? This has to be The Superficial... but it is pap.
12. Which blogger do you wish posted more? How Great is Cake? - Sorry DG, but I wish you did. Your posts make me smile and I love the way you write your thoughts down.
13. Which blogger lives closest to you? Monty - but in 2 weeks time it'll be someone else. Who's in the Cross?
14. Which blogger lives the farthest away? How Great Is Cake?
15. Which blogger is most likely to become famous? I already read some fairly famous blogger's blogs.
16. Have you ever dreamed about someone on your blogroll? Dream or Fantasise? There's such a fine line there.
17. Do you have a crush on anyone on your blogroll? Yes see above.
18. Have you ever kissed anyone on your blogroll? Do hello and goodbye kisses count?
19. Who’s the best kisser? What? ME of course. Oh, you want to know which blogger is? Well, keep wondering.
20. Who’s the sexiest on your blogroll? Do porn stars count here? I'm not publishing those details.
21. Who’s the most athletic? IntlAunz - Him and his partner Amy are so inspirational to me.
22. Who’s the tallest? No idea.
23. Who’s the shortest? No idea.
24. Who’s the strongest? No idea either. Let's say Bobby Vanquish. Why? Well, I just wanted to make sure I mentioned his blog somewhere, so here is a good a place as any. I enjoy reading his blog quite a lot.
25. Who’s the youngest? ??? No idea once again.
26. Who’s the oldest? Someone For Me
27. Who’s the wealthiest? See, I knew this would be a boring meme. If I leave out celebrity blogs then I have no idea.
28. Who’s the most creative? Shisso
29. Which blogger would be the life of the party? Darth Gateau - I'm with Monty on this one, he IS the life of the party!
30. Which blogger would you go shopping with? h&b - Melbourne style. Actually, probably not shopping, because I'd not put anyone through that ordeal with me, but maybe a coffee somewhere. She's got a great vibe.
31. Which blogger would you go hiking/camping with? I'm trying not to double up here with bloggers. Minkered.
32. Which blogger would you have coffee with? Damn, I answered that one already. I would like to have a coffee with Mike.
33. Which blog makes you laugh the most? I'm going to have to double up here again. Bobby Vanquish doesn't necessarily make me laugh out loud, but he does write with good humor... actually, I'd enjoy a coffee with him too... actually no, more like a few drinks with him.
34. Which blog is the most heartwarming? Heartwarming is not a word that describes any of my regular blogs. But trust me, I do read some good blogs, just not "heartwarming" ones.
35. Which blogger do you think is the best cook? Hey Mum I'm Hungry - technically it's not doubling up.
36. Which blogger would you most want to meet your family? Oh this is just stupid now. Seriously, I don't know why I even bothered with this post.

I do have a lengthy blogroll and every blog on it I read for all sorts of reasons. Some I read for martini recipes, some for eye candy and martini recipes, some for cultural reasons, some for humor, some for art, some for just keeping up with what's going on in their lives.


equivocalvagabond said...

Yes, that's an odd meme, I have to admit. How would you know some of those things in a superlative way?

Electro^Plankton said...

I wanna do one of these too, but damn am I lazy.

Bobby Van Quish said...

So thanks for the mention!
And how weird that we share in each other's lives but live 15,000 miles apart.
Odd and understandably normal.
x x

h&b said...

aww - some down and have a drink and shop with me anytime Muz.

Actually, if you want a kick up the arse, I can be very Trinny/Susannah forthright and bustling when shopping :p

And i'm more fun if I have a vino or two. Or is that more bitchy ?
Coffee tends to give me nervous tics ;)

T$ said...

aww shucks - thanks for the shout out!