Not really a suprise...

You are Helvetica.
You exemplify the modern urbanite. You are minimalist in style, committed to "clean lines" and restaurants with names in all lower case. You aspire to live in a loft, and when the lease expires on your Jetta you plan to get a Prius. Each time you fly you have someone plant a tree to offset your carbon emissions.
What type are you?

It's pretty much right, except for the Prius bit. Prius drivers tend to slip the "Oh, I drive a Prius" into every conversation as if they should be canonised. Jerks. But yes, I offset my flights.

Although, I'll go one step further and say I'm more a
Helvetica Neue Ultra Light.


Darth Gateau said...

I too appear to be Helvetica.

However, the mention that I own a Jetta, or potentially a Prius, makes me feel a little queasy. I do own a German car but it ain't a Jetta. Mine's pretty.
Carbon offsetting. Hmmm... I have a friend who's business is selling carbon offsetting to governments and large corporations. I also work for an airline. I'd advise extreme caution before handing over your cash.
About 80% of carbon offsetting schemes are completely useless, created solely to make money and, in some case, add to the worlds problems with ridiculous amounts of methane being released into the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse effect.
Choose your offsetter wisely.

Muzbot said...

DG: Trust me, Ive got my hands dirty and personally planted trees. Look at the good I do.

I actually work for an organisation that manages sustainability very well. And having worked on a footprint calculation project for Govt, I must at least aim to lead by example.

And I doubt I'd really ever own a Jetta either. I'm more an Alpha Brera male. :)

Darth Gateau said...

I should have known we could all trust you to be as green as green can be!
I too need to lead by example, I do work for a massive pollution belching industry after all...
Sorry world.

Mike said...

Yet another Helvetica here, despite being sure I was headed for Wing Dings, or at least Comic Sans.

There is a tree planted somewhere in Devon offsetting my travel last year.

Monty said...

That sounds so like you Muz...I can even picture you in a Prius...if you drove. :-) But you wouldn't be wanky enough to tell anyone about it.

h&b said...

Helvetica ;)

Who can resist a quiz on being a typeface ? :p

And who stole my geek-treat book on the history of the font ? Bastards.