Yes, it was a good Friday...

despite waking up with a rather large pain in my brain/hang-over. I seriously didn't think I drank that much. And so begins the post in which I talk food... again.

Discovery day #1.
Went and had breakfast (or greasy meat platter) at a small cafe called Vinyl. Sat in the window and watched kids play handball on the street while slowly sipping a sweet hot chocolate. Autumn arrived yesterday morning.

Wandered the streets and bays. Sat and watched the stingrays fossicking in the sand for food.

Lunch consisted of Pork and Apricot Rissoles on Corn Fritters. YUM. Grabbed these from DOV. Dov was busy, noisy and that is the way it always seems to be. The corn fritters were more corn than fritter and that's just how I like 'em. But way too much rocket. I mean really, a plate of rocket is enough to make even a vego turn to meat. Vile.

Dinner. Fu Manchu.
Was unsure about this one at first, the menu was Asian, but I couldn't quite peg it down to any particular region and it didn't have the usual fare. But inside were a few hip people in their retro track suits and fine dark rimmed glasses which suggested to me that this was my sort of place. So simple, so unpretentious and very tasty. I'd never had steamed Pumpkin Dumplings before and they were a winner.

Ladies, check out the lovely evening top above... yes, real dead birds. Very fucking cool.

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yani said...

I LOVE that photo collage Muz!