My roadtrip continues....

Actually, this is probably a bit of a surprise: I forgot to mention I'm on a few weeks holiday. Me and my bike have taken to the highway and headed north.

And here's something you probably didn't know about me: I have a bit of a thing for an interest in bushrangers. Part of my trip is to head into bushranger country and visit some of the smaller country towns and trails that were made famous by these outlaws. One I am particularly interested in is Captain Thunderbolt. I mean, with a nick name of "Thunderbolt" you'd have to be a pretty damn cool criminal. This took me off the main highways and into some small dodgy towns and onto some even dodgier roads. Not great riding for a sports bike.

Thunderbolt was known for his horse breaking skills. He was a gentle and courteous man. He also knew how to steal a horse or two. His thefts landed him imprisoned on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. He escaped (from what was supposedly un-escapable) and continued his life on the run as an outlaw in the New England area. This is where I spent the last few days. The landscape around this area is beautiful. There are rolling hills, wild forests, volcanic ranges and open plains. Not easy territory for criminal activity unless you are a skilled rider and know your escape routes like the back of your hand. I stopped off at the Thunderbolt Hideout. This area is isolated, heavily forested and I loved stopping here. It really gave me a bit of a thrill and a tiny part of me felt a kindred spirit here. Weird.


Darth Gateau said...

You're a closet deviant.
How exciting!
You should come to the UK to research the equivalent - highwaymen! All masked and swathed in black with a sweating, gallant steed between their thighs.

Ky said...

That's a great pic of you! How do you take such good pic all on your own? You look HOT! :)

Have a great holiday!


Monty said...

DG - Closet??? I don't think our Muz is closet anything! lol It is a good look Muz by the way! Nice pic!

And I had wondered what had happened to you...you'd gone vewy vewy qwiet! Thought it must've been your little trip. Enjoy!

judo said...

Bloody nice pic, Muzbot.

Anonymous said...

Thunderbolt's way is awesome!

Try out Bucketts way too - another good road now that it's been patched up. Used to be Buckett of Sh*t Road before then.

Nice pic btw..yum!