Weekend checklist...

Thursday night: Fly to Brisbane, unplanned night out/make new friends. (Oh yes, now there's a story!) √Check.

Friday night: My favourite, small town Chinese. (And it was good!) √Check.

Saturday: Family BBQ, RAAF Airshow and bouncing on a trampoline. (More military might, but this time in the air) √Check.

Sunday: Back in Sydney for a big night out with the lads. (I love my crew)

Monday: Still going strong from Sunday. Fight an inanimate object with my face. Ouch - Results of a big night out with the lads. (It looks worse than it really is)√Check.

Tuesday: Be excited about the working week ahead.

Aint life good.


Adaptive Radiation said...

Local chinese looks very aussie chinese. Is that satay prawns in the foreground. Tisk, tisk.

Peter said...

A real 'ladies' man ;)

scottiejt said...

there's something very sexy about a man and a black eye.

wcs said...


Muzbot said...

AR: Oh yes, they're prawns. Nice fresh Qld prawns.:)
Peter: What can I say, chicks dig me.
Scottiejt: Yeah, but you know the real story how I got it. Nothing sexy about that now is there?
WCS: I was partially "numb" when that happened.

Anonymous said...

Have said it before, but will say it again: You have the most amazing eyes, even when bruised.

kookyknut said...

walk into door did we?

Mike said...

I don't think you missed much with the Darling Harbour Fiesta - I visited on Monday and there were a handful of lacklustre food tents, and lots of people standing around watching the bands (no dancing).

Kezza said...

Yay for exciting, action packed weekend. Boo to coming off second best in a fight, especially in a fight with an inanimate object. Dare I ask what said object was and the details of your disagreement?

h+b said...

I think 'anon' has a real thing for you .. i've noticed them before ;)

And i'm pretty sure this isn't the first time i've popped in to see you with a bruiser.


h+b said...


How long has that been up ?
Awesome - the bestest to date!

Muzbot said...

Anon: Thank you. That is a very nice thing to say.
Kooky: Yep, but more like swing into it.
Mike: I managed to make up for it and get to a Brazilian BBQ this week.
Kezza: See Kookyknut's comment. Doors are my enemy.
H+B: Thank you so much, it's up for October. And yes, I seem to bruise my face a little too often. I'm clumsy.

Darth Gateau said...

you're a brawler. Fabulous. Roll up your sleeves and start talkin dirty...