This past week's theme was "up & down & up &..."

Can I assume that Sunday really is the start of the week? If so, I guess the week ahead is pretty much like the past week... a bit of a roller coaster.

This morning I was up early and decided that "Bunker" was where I would like to eat... Funnily enough, I ended up at "Bunker". It was the B.E.S.T. toad in the hole I've had since I was a kid. Sorry Mum, but I'm sure if tomato relish was known back when I was a lad your's would have been just as good. And what's with Sydney cafe's going all old school with the breakfast choices? "Toad in the hole", "eggs and soldiers"? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's freakin' cool to go out and get decent old fashioned food with out having the hassle of cooking it yourself... especially when it's not given some fancy name and served up with rocket. Don't get me started on rocket....
Someone's week was just as confusing as mine was based on this inscription on the toilet wall.
OMG. This was definitely an up! The gelato shop has some new flavours. I was already eating this before I realised I needed to photograph it. It's "soupe anglais" I think, which translates to "English soup"... Now, forgive me for thinking that this might be the most horrible flavour ever, but I tasted it and, people, it's TRIFLE. Yes, the best EVER. T.RI.F.L.E. Sponge, jammy stuff, custard and all that makes trifle my fave wrapped up in the best gelato in the world.
And beer. Don't forget the beer. That helped the afternoon seem less upsetting that it really was.


Darth Gateau said...

Trifle!! Oh... how I yearn for trifle. Dessert here mainly consists of dates with date sauce. Fig, if you're lucky. Now I like a fig occasionally but I'm getting a bit figged off with them now.

Kezza said...

Trifle gelato? Get out of town, that sounds like the best thing EVER!

From here on in though I hope your week continues on an 'up'!

Victor said...

Mmmmm, I like trifle too. Where did you pick that up?

Muzbot said...

DG - I have a feeling you and I could sit in this gelato shop for many many hours (actually their fig and masala gelato is mighty good too).

Kezza: When are you going to visit Sydney? I'll show you a good time... Ummm, I mean, I'll show you some.. oh forget it, you know what I mean.

Victor: Gelato Messinsa. Opposite the Green Park in Darlinghurst. It's my usual hang out (Both the Green Park and Messina - way too handy).

h+b said...

But I like rocket.

But yeah, I also get what you're saying.

Does your mum read your blog then ?