I love my new hood...

This is breakfast from one of the quieter local cafes this morning. It's a nice spot.
This is my new front yard. Or close enough to it. This is 100m from my front door.

This IS my front door.

And remember that helmet I wanted? Well this is me smiling inside it.


Monty said...

Is that MANLY??? You're living on the Northern Beaches???

Nice helmet!

Darth Gateau said...

Manly. Lovely.

Er... do you often just wear your helmet and nothing else?

Can I come over and watch you try it on?! :)

Tom said...

Looks fantastic - you can go for a swim at the beach before work! I expect to see you in the Cole Classic too! :)

PS: Is that a union jack... or is there a southern cross around the back?

wcs said...

Very nice. I'm envious of your summery weather right now!

Campbell said...

Impressive front yard, impressive front door.

Oh, and impressive helmet.

Muzbot said...

Monty: Yep. I love it there.
DG: Yep. :)
Tom: Thank you. Me swim? Ummmm... I guess I better start training if entries open next month. And yes, it' a Union Jack.
WCS: It was one of those weekends here when I realise I live in the most amazing cities. Warm days, cool sea breezes and beautiful nights. IT was a good one.
Campbell: Thanks. It all feels very good right now.