Facebook status' for Monday night...

Muzbot is:
  • not a bad person.
  • often feeling like he stops himself unduly.
  • wishing he went for gelato tonight, but the rain stopped him... unduly.
  • pissed off Sophie went from Idol. That was 50c I spent on a txt for nothing!
  • thinking about running away to New York thanks to an offer today.
  • not sure he can wear the debt for running away to New York.
  • loving "no undie mondie".
  • wondering if his new footy shorts are too short.
  • sure said new footy shorts will never be worn in public with no undies.
  • impressed he received an email about another o/s exhibition opportunity.
  • happy he's caught up on reading his HUGE growing list of blogs.
  • comparing his emotions to the ash that falls from a cigarette. Why?
  • enjoying his guilty pleasure: Katy Perry "Hot N Cold"
  • thinking 3 posts in one night must mean I need to get some things off my chest.
  • wondering what happened to that bottle of vodka. I'm sure it was full last week.
  • wondering if "status'" is correct??? Or is it "statuses"?


Darth Gateau said...


Run away to New York. It's one of my fave places, if I could live there (or Sydney) I'd go with the clothes I have on my back and the money I have in my pockets. The end.

If you're wearin' 'em, NO shorts are too short. Evidence please.

Wanna swap places for a bit?

Kezza said...

I'm going to have to agree with Darth, if the offer arose to go to New York I'd be there in a heart beat, hang the expense.

Also I wasn't aware of no undie mondie, I'd give that one a go, except knowing what I'm like for splitting pants at work it could be disasterous.

I didn't think footy shorts could ever be to short... Post a pic and we'll let you know for sure!

And wouldn't the plural for status be statii? Bah, who knows.

scottiejt said...
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Monty said...

Muz, if you're not going to wear them in public sans undies, then you simply MUST post a pic of you wearing them (again, sans undies). You can't just tantalize us like that!!!

h+b said...

ok - as resident girl poster ... no Muz .. please, no nads pics, or i'll have to unsubscribe ( gah ! )

Noo York. When I was there ( briefly ), it was a fun poor adventure when the Aussie dollar sucked. You can buy hotdogs in the park for $2 a/piece, and although it's not very glamourous, you can survive on 2-a-day and a pkt of crispts from the subway or whatnot, and have more time to do all the art and culture and etc.

Of course, I could never do that *now* .. but y'know.


Muzbot said...

C'mon now... You know I would never post a pic of just how short these shorts are. Never on this blog.

Darth Gateau said...

never on this blog. I reckon you should set up a "photos of you in shorts blog". Special, like.