Want to know the score?

I'm considering not putting the answers online just yet because I know a couple of people have mentioned that they would still like to join in the trivia quiz. So, if you would like an email from me with the answers you'll be able to enter your email address into the answer form and I'll fire off an email to you with the answers.

I'll publish this week's quiz later this evening (assuming I have an internet connection, it's been a bit sketchy this week).

I'll also be putting up the top 10 each week on the download page:


Stu said...

So how many entrants have we had in total for week 1?

And how on earth could I have scored that high? We must all suck at trivia ;-)

Martin said...

whoo hoo... i came second! how did that happen?!

Monty said...

Wahoooo! I came 6th (and I thought I'd be 48th). Very excited! :-)

PS that must mean there's lots of people who are crapper than I - it's quite heartening!!! :-)