I wonder if it's time to re-write the bible?

Ok, I know that's a bit of an "out-there" statement, but I've been thinking about the English language. Not the bible, but the language it's written in. English is and has evolved. I'm starting to think that our version of the "English language" today is a little different to the language from back when the bible was last translated from it's original texts.

A contemporary version of the bible might just be required in this period of human history. There may be a whole context that we may have missed which, when re-interpreted in today's language, may reveal more loving or logical version of this collection of texts.

See what happens when I'm bored? .. I think about this sort of stuff.


Adaptive Radiation said...

Hmmm...I've thought about such things too but more in the context of the Qu'ran. I was living with a conservative muslim housemate a few years ago, a nice guy who also happens to be a medical doctor. Despite his medical background, I was surprised by some of his views (especially pertaining to sexuality). An important issue is that muslims believe that the Qu'ran is a text that is dictated by God Himself so, at least for that particular Holy Book, there is no chance of a re-write.

Victor said...

Are you volunteering to do the job?

Muzbot said...

Ahhhh, no Victor. I think I will leave that to others more skilled in the English language.

wcs said...

Rather than re-write it, people who want to believe it should be required to read it in its original language.