On the road again...

Some notes from the road:
  • When stopping for a break because your arse is saddle sore, make sure the patch of grass where you choose to lie down doesn't have a hidden green ant's nest... or two.
  • Road kill really smells.
  • I loved speeding. Really loved it. There was one nice stretch of road between Armidale and Guyra where I decided to really test the rpms on my bike and achieved over 200km/h in a very short distance.
  • Sitting up on the bike at 200km/h is like opening a parachute. Not a great idea.
  • My bike is sooooo fucking smooth. I really felt like the coyote sitting on top of a rocket chasing the road runner on some sections of the road.
  • Roadhouse breakfasts: sausages, bacon, eggs, 3 pancakes and a coffee all for $10.
  • Remember those ads on TV where Dr Karl advised us all of the warning signs of fatigue? He failed to include singing Bucks Fizz "Making your mind up". I think I was past fatigue and into delirium at that point.
  • Scone, the horse capital of Australia, is pretty.
  • I still love country town chinese restaurants.
  • Queensland roads suck.
  • It's good to be home.


Peter said...

Last picture, can you keep hares in this town?

It's great you enjoy the country side even when you flash through it.

judo said...

Hey Muzbot. Hope you being home is loving you as much as you are loving it. Found a local dodgy chinese. Thought of you. Let's do it when you get back to Sydney.

Dave said...

It would have been even more impressive when singing Bucks Fizz if you could have done they did at the Eurovision Song Contest. Towards then end the guys ripped off the girls' skirts to reveal little mini ones. You could have ripped your leathers off to reveal leather shorts and a leather singlet. Practise that for the next trip!

Darth Gateau said...

Talking of speed, and scones...

'Scone' is also the fastest cake in the world.

Think about it...

I thank you!

wcs said...

Oh, to wander in sunshine and... wait, no rabbits? What will we eat?

And my word verification is: subcog. I am not worthy.