So anyway... Part II

I've put the bike together and it goes. Phew.

But why?
This weekend Dave, Judo and I are heading to Canberra to compete as a team in an adventure race.
What's that all about?
It's a modern day triathlon, with a twist.
A twist?
Yep, the three major legs in an adventure race are usually cross-country running, mountain biking and kayaking. Unlike a triathlon where the course is relatively controlled and on designated roads this is a little more 'adventurous'. To spice it up just a little more, you're not told the route until the start. You'll be given a map and you need a compass. You must navigate to each check point or you'll receive a time penalty or possibly disqualified. Plus you need to take first aid kit just in case. It is a race, and yes it's a serious competition. In fact, adventure racing is becoming more and more competitive each year, with some major races being televised (no not this one). Oh and there is often a few surprises along the way.
What like snakes?
Well, maybe, and wombats.. but I'm talking about an extra challenge that may be thrown in. For example part of the course may require you to abseil a section or you may be required to build your team a raft to cross a river...
So you have to be fit?
I guess so - if you want to compete. But it is fun. Well, as fun as you want it to be and that depends on what your idea of fun is I guess.
How long is it?
Well, it's as long as you take to do the course. This one is designed for racing to be completed within 6 hours. If you haven't collected all checkpoints by then you get penalised, so route planning is just as important as physical strength.
I've heard that there are bets being placed on your team?
Ummmmm yes apparently. There is also another team from where Judo works. We'll call them the "Young Guns". People seem to be betting on the experienced team ie: us. Personally I think they're mad, let's face it, I haven't had an ideal training run into this race and Dave hasn't ridden a bike for many years. I'm having a bit of a giggle at those poor suckers who are betting on us beating them. But by crikey we'll be giving it a good shot.
Does your team have a name?
We're the "Rank Outsiders". I believe when we cross the finish line "rank" is one word that will describe us.
Are you excited about it?
Hell yes!


The Mutant said...

Adventurous indeed!

I'm pretty sure I'd fall over dead after six minutes of that sort of thing, let alone six hours!

Have fun, stay safe and best of luck!

wcs said...

Sounds very cool. Can't wait to hear all about it.

I had to look up "abseil." We americans use a different word for that: rappelling.

kim at allconsuming said...


Adaptive Radiation said...

Good luck Muz. Many of my friends regularly compete in the 24 hour race but this one seems several notches higher in craziness value!

Ky said...

Good luck with the race and let us know how you go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Muz, best of luck on race, sure does sound like an adventure.


Victor said...

Have fun and return safely.

Tom said...

Madness! Have fun! :)