A good ol' laugh...

So what did you do on Sunday? It was a beautiful day here in Sydney and I slept right through it. And guess what? For once, I didn't feel guilty for doing so. I enjoyed my Saturday night immensely.

Now, it's no secret that I like to shake my rump on the dancefloor every now and then. I do. Occasionally, I like a big night out and Saturday night I had every intention of bouncing up and down in my Nikes to some cool tunes spun by Sydney's finest. To add to the good vibe of the night I was catching up with Kookyknut before hand. He and I haven't been out together for a long time. Probably too long.

I arrived at Kookyknut's abode about an hour and a half before I had actually planned to get there because excitement got the better of me. One of his mates had also stopped by which was lucky for me as I've wanted to meet him. We cracked open a Coopers and settled down in his lounge for a few pre-night-out drinks.

Music played unobtrusively in the background as we chatted. Every now and then a song would catch my attention and I'd loose track of the conversation. With beer supplies running low we made a quick dash to the local bottle-o for more. Back in the comfort of the lounge the conversations continued... and continued.

What a fun night. I have not laughed so hard in ages. We never did end up going out. Before long the sun was rising. I haven't had a great night just hanging out in ages... Struggling to keep my eyes open I decided to shuffle off home. I made it into my own lounge at about 10am. I was smelling of Eucalyptus thanks to the odd spray of Fess that was often squirted in my direction during the night. I crawled into bed and that's where I was to remain for the day.

This morning I woke up wondering why I had a pain in my side. I guess it is from laughter. I had a great night, thanks Kookyknut.


wcs said...

Those kinds of nights are too few and far between as we get older. Too bad, too, 'cause it's good clean fun and no one has to drive! :)

kookyknut said...

you're very welcome. Thank you too :) I haven't laughed that much in ages.