To answer WCS's comment from last post...

I went diving tonight and no I didn't have any problems with my heel while I was in the water.

It was a great dive for many reasons. Mostly because it was one of those dives where a couple of things happened that had not been planned for and we had to improvise. I won't go into details but the dive turned out to be a good opportunity to practice the NEVER used (unless during an emergency) buddy breathing.

The underwater world is so amazing at night. You just don't know what is out there. It is pitch black down there apart from the beam of light from your torch. We were informed that there have been a number of shark sightings due to increased numbers of fish. This both thrills me and scares the shit out of me... I didn't see any sharks. Kind of disappointing, but also a relief. Maybe next time the dive will be more successful but probably not as much fun.

Sometimes you need to take risks... calculated or not. I love how just before we agreed to go ahead with the dive Judo and I looked at each other with a cheeky grin and said "Should we?"... "Yeah, c'mon. We'll take it easy" Meanwhile I was wondering "I wonder how dangerous this is?" I love random nights like tonight.


The Mutant said...

That sounds fucking awesome - I'm all for a calculated risk, uncalculated ones are good too.

My kicks usually involve high revs, low traction and defying physics, but I'm always open to new suggestions.

While we're on that subject, is that your ute? I think it's given me wood!

Muzbot said...

Risk is one of those "spice of life" things. It is always good when you have to second guess something. Even when you're confident that you know what you're doing. High revs, low traction and defying physics sounds mighty fun to me.

The ute, it's my mate Judo's and yes, it's FREAKIN' HOT! I love riding in it, and yes, it as that effect on me too.. :)

judo said...

Utes aren't supposed to have that effect ... are they??

Perverts, I say!

Anonymous said...

Uhm......what's a ute?

I'm thinking maybe I should get one.

D. in Texas

wcs said...

Glad that heel thing isn't holding you back! :)