I have an owie...

This injury has really upset my jogging routine. Am I happy about it? Hell no! I'm down right cranky about it. Apparently this type of injury is common for people who jog on sand. Bah! I never jog on sand.
Actually, the injury did happen while I was on the sand, but I was swimming. I felt a small pinch on my left ankle and thought I had been bitten or stung by something. The pain soon subsided so I ignored it... for weeks. However, jogging and certain positions that my foot went into still caused great pain. So I had it checked out recently and there you have it. A stupid annoying tear in the Achilles tendon on my left ankle. Maybe I'll spend this winter growing fat and ugly from no exercise. Sob sob...


Peter said...

Muz, you can grow fat and ugly, but the real beauty is still inside that person.

You're beautiful!

The Mutant said...

Oh my god, can I get you anything? Cold pack? Heat pack? Ottoman? Maybe you'd just like some quite time alone with a bucket of fried chicken, Irish cream ice-cream, a can of whipped cream and a packet of Tim-tams?

And no, your arse doesn't look fat in that injury. Maybe I could get you some chips and gravy?

Egg and bacon sandwich?

Block of chocolate?

Would that make you feel better?

Muzbot said...

Peter: my outer beauty has been suffering for some time now, you know, age and all... so I do still rely on my inner beauty a lot these days. :)
TM: Anything but Tim-Tams. Those biscuits are vile. V.I.L.E. I've just had myself a nice big caramelo choc brownie from the cafe near work. They are the most delicious brownies in the world and yes, I do feel much better. Now, where is that can of Coke to wash it down with.

wcs said...

Ouch. This will not affect any upcoming adventures, like diving, will it? I hope not.

Heal, heel!

Ky said...

Isn't there anything they can do to heal it?

Now that you mention it, I have a nagging injury that caused great pain when I move my right leg in certain positions. I hurt it in a volleyball competition a few months back... I think I better get it look at as well.

Anyway, you can grow fatter but never ugly as you will always be handsome!