I'm loving this right now...

These two tunes are currently burning a hole in my headphones as they are on very high rotation at the moment. Something old and something new. Firstly the new:

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Original Mix)

And the old:

Kleerup Feat Titiyo - Longing For Lullabies (Joakim Remix)

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Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but!

Hi Muz, I was sent this advert link, I thought of you when I watched it as it is very creative - like you!

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on
November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam .. Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands .

Take a look at HEMA's product page.. You can't order anything and it's in Dutch, but just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens.

Don't click on any of the items in the picture, just wait and see what happens. (you may have to wait several seconds in some cases)

This company has a sense of humour and a great computer programmer...