A great weekend so far

Started early Saturday with a ride through the Royal National Park. I always love the view at the other end.

See my above comment about the views... Bikes bikes bikes! :)

I hung my bathroom door this morning. It's been leaning against my bedroom wall for far too long, so I bit the bullet and went all "handy-man" and now it's firmly in place... AND it's perfect! I'll have to paint it next because that salmon colour is just the primer coat.

And a walk on the beach this morning. It was cold and wet, but the colours in the ocean were just spectacular. I sat on the wet rocks watching the surfers bob up and down over the very small swell as I sipped a rather hot and nice cup of coffee. All this and it's not even lunchtime Sunday. I'm a very happy lad right now.


wcs said...

Sounds lovely. And well done with the door!

Crystal said...

I like the look of your bathroom. That colour is fantastic, and those plants! You must have very high ceilings.