"Uhm......what's a ute?"...

So this post is for D. in Texas.
The Ute is an Aussie invention and icon. It was invented by Ford way back in the olden days (1930's) for farmers. It has the front of a normal sedan and a tray for the rear. Utes have transformed themselves from being a farm vehicle to a modern day muscle car. There is huge rivalry between the two brands of ute: Holden and Ford. Both companies build V6 and V8 versions. Naturally, V8's are the sexiest. The car is one of the most practical vehicle's around (unless you require a family vehicle). They are most popular with tradesmen and sportsmen (and women with blond spiral perms who's names are usually Kazza or Shazza). There is even a HUGE Ute festival:

The above pic a picture I took up at North Head of Judo's Ute for a ute forum. You can throw all sorts of gear in the back including dive gear, mountain bikes, camping gear, the odd dirt bike and so much more. It's a lad's car.


The Mutant said...

So, you mean I ought to go after Judo then for his ute then? I'll just have to pursue you for your bike if that's alright Muz.

I know it is a long way from politically correct but I like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9ubtehD9Pk although the ad you've shown is a bit more of a classic!

I'm not a tradie, nor a woman with a spiral perm (at least not last time I checked) but I still want a ute BAD!

Right now I'm crushing on a Crewman, either an SS or Cross8, although I'd give a left nut for a Maloo.

Of course with the budget in mind my more realistic option is the VU S I've been offered, V6 auto with Calais front bar and rims, white with a hard tonneau - what do you reckon?

wcs said...

Ah, ute = utility. And they remind me of the old Chevy El Camino, although I learned that the El Camino was based on a car frame, and that the utes are actually based on pickup truck frames.

Verrrrrry interesting.

Victor said...

All this motoring talk.....it's double dutch to me.

h&b said...

nice photo Muz !!

Have you ever played at all in HDR?
This would be a worthy candidate - is glossy-worthy!

Anonymous said...

Now I know I should get one.
Thanks, D.