I figured out today why, out of all the "reality/vote off competition" TV shows, I like "America's Next Top Model" the most: I watch it for 2 parts of the show (in fact, I probably have it on in the background while I'm doing something else): A) the photo shoot that will be judged and B) near the end when the final photo's of each model are shown. For me, this show could be edited down to just these 8 minutes and I'd be satisfied.

I don't watch it or "see" it like most people do. I watch it for the creativity of the post-production artist's work on the photo's from each judging round. Creativity. Other shows like this on teev don't have that much appeal to me. I love photo correction and I would LOVE a job as the Creative Director. You know, the person who receives these images from the photographer and organises, or "directs" if you will, the fixing up in Photoshop then printing and has them finally delivered to the show's producers before the judging. I WANT THAT JOB!.. or a Creative Director job on a similar level. I have so much experience under my belt these days that I find direction so much more interesting than production.

I don't care about who stays or goes.

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Evol Kween said...

Not that I know anything about fashion, but I love watching Project Runway because it focuses more on the creative process than the bitching (although there's nothing wrong with a good bitch).