Scrag fight

I've had a couple of "features" on fridays during my blogging time and it's probably time I did another one. Let me introduce "Scrag Fight". Basically, you tell me who would win a particular scrag fight.
Let's begin with this topical one:

In the Red corner we have twelve-time Emmy Award-winning American stand-up comedienne, television hostess and actress: Ellen. And in the Blue corner we have the Grammy award winning and long time host of American Idol: Paula.

So who do you think would win this scrag fight and why?


kookyknut said...

Touch call, but i think Ellen would kick her arse.

Paula Adbul has a penchant for painkillers and booze which could work in her favour, but more likely she would be more dopey than her sober self.

Ellen always comes across as having a lot of nervous energy which if channeled correctly could be an awesome force of violence.

Adding to her advantage, Ellen is also a pants wearing lesbian, Abdul would probably be in a cocktail frock and stilettos.

The Mutant said...

My money is on Paula in this scrag fight.

I know the world loves Ellen, and she may well be a blunstones and singlet type of dyke, but she wouldn't have the staying power.

After years of holding onto the last shreds of her career, Paula would have staying power. Plus the addiction to pain killers and booze means she'd be fully prepared to skitz out in a scrag-match.

I'm putting it all on Abdul!

Adaptive Radiation said...

I'm putting an scientist's spin on the outcome. I reckon Ellen 'cause she is in the red corner. Studies have shown that red teams win more often than what is expected by chance alone.

Dyl said...

I'm thinking Paula. I reckon she'd fight dirty and lie down pretending to be injured in order to catch Ellen unawares then do a kung-fu kick to cut across Ellen's knees and send her flying into a nearby wall. Then while Ellen is picking herself up Paula would grab a chair from nearby and use it on her.


Victor said...

I had to look 'scrag fight' up on Google to find out what you meant. How pathetic am I?

Interesting that you chose Ellen DeGeneres and Paula Abdul. I see on Ellen's show just today that she will be a new judge on American Idol which I assume means she is replacing Paula Abdul.

Anonymous said...

Im going with Paula. Think she would play rough, lots of jewellery on the knuckles, nails sharpened to a point, maybe even suffocate Ellen with the fumes of her hair care and skin care products.