My weekend...

Party 1
Party 2
Party 3
Break, back at Dave's
Party 4
Party 5


The Mutant said...

Oh, you didn't did you? You're one classy bitch Muz, I gotta hand it to you!

Darth Gateau said...

Shame that shirt went missing, I was enjoying it. First class performance - you're my Booze Idol. Will you be my mentor?

Monty said...

You rock! I'm finding myself sleepy at 11pm most nights now! I'm getting old! Help me Muz!

Muzbot said...

TM: Oh yes I did!
DG: I found my shirt. It was actually in my back pocket. Duh.
Monty: I certainly rocked on the weekend. It was wild, hedonistic and damn big fun. However, I seem to be paying for it big time. All booze and no sleep makes Muz a very tired fella this week. Big shout-out goes to Kookyknut for kicking things off with Party #1.

Peter said...

So 'Party-animal' is now your middle name?