Damn it...

So much going on in my brain. Stupid brain.

I admire my father. Him and Mum are visiting me this weekend and we're just hanging out.

Last night we had a few beers at my local pub watching the footy semis on the teev. We casually chatted, as we do. We never talk too deeply. Just surface stuff. Somehow I started thinking about how different we are... but how similar we are. We weren't talking about achievements in life but I was thinking about his as we spoke. I have always admired his sporting achievements. I mean, my Dad's involvement with sport as a coach, mentor and enabler from ground-roots to some international sport's people is pretty admirable to me.

We talked about stuff I do. My solitary sense of adventure for climbing "hills" and sitting on cliffs is something he thinks is pretty amazing. We can sit and talk about diving together. Some of the places I've dived totally blow him away. We connect on a level that's totally different to anyone else I know. It's not deep, but it's definately a family connection that runs deep within us.

I want to share with him so much more about my life. So much more... but then, again those differences between us come into play and I wonder, after all this time, it really matters.


Peter said...

Remember he loves you just the way you are, even when you haven't mentioned those other things that you want to say.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Do the differences REALLY matter or is it really just your perception that it does?

It's a fact that we grow up recognizing (and hopefully respecting) these people as our parents. We tend to hold them in high esteem. We think that they are infatigable. Sometimes we feel that they are inaccessible. But at the end of the day, they are just people no different to anybody else. They have hopes, they have fears, they care and they love (their children especially so).

Evol Kween said...

Dads aren't always the best at tapping into inner feelings.

Victor said...

My dad, like so many of his generation, rarely showed his emotions yet I never doubted that he loved me dearly.

Now that he is gone I wish that I'd been more receptive to him.

Enjoy your dad whilst you have him.