iTunes meme:

You may not know many of these, but this about my music habits....

Sort by song title:
First: Aaangry Megaphone Man by The Dissociatives
Last: 1999 by Prince

Sort by time:
Shortest: Coffee sound effect from Futurama, clocking in at less than 0:01
Longest: Essential Mix 2004-03-07 - Sander Kleinenberg & Pete Tong - goes for 02:03:50

Sort by artist:
First: Dancing (Jj Flores & Steve Smooth Remix) by Aaron Smith Feat. Luvli
(it's a bit clubby, it's a little annoying, it's in my library)
Last: Pardon My freedom by !!!

Sort by album:
First: Album: Abductions And Reconstructions. Song: Hooverphonic / This Strange Effect by Thievery Corporation ( - a very wonderful sounding tune.)
Last: Album: 3121. Song: Satisfied by Prince

Top 5 most played songs:
(This may surprise you - heck it surprises me, who'd of thought my taste was so obscure?)
1. Stopwatch Hearts by Delerium & Emily Haines
2. Pull Up (A Cappella) by Mr. Vegas
3. Single Again by The Fiery Furnaces
4. Clouds Instead Of Heads (Original Mix) by Kompis
5. Pain In My Brain by Ladyvipb

First song that plays on shuffle:
Promenade Sentimentale (Sentimental Walk) by Vladimir Cosma
(As Molly would say, "Do yourself a favor" and have a listen to this piece of piano music and lose yourself in melancholy)

Type the following into the search and how many titles come back?
Sex: 38
Love: 403
Death: 4
Fart: 1 (! yes, I have a "fart" in one title in my library)


Canberrabiker said...

Coffee sound effect from Futurama ? Is that the 'ker-ching' noise from the episode where Fry drinks 100 coffees ? I love that episode !

The head of Richard Nixon - "The loot, the loot, the loot is on fire!!"

Darth Gateau said...


so eclectic. People would be terrified if let loose into the hell that is my iTunes!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

I dont know any of those tunes :(

yani said...

I was going to ask the same thing Canberrabiker... ;)

Muzbot said...

Yep, that's the sound. I used it for my mobile ring when i received a msg. It's one of my all time fave episodes. So much so I might just go watch it now...

Shirley Heezgay said...

i've always liked the iPod memes...i've never seen this one...i think i'll do it...stay tuned

you've got a lot of cool tunes in your library!

Canberrabiker said...

The other great sequence from that episode is when Fry finally gets to 100 cups and the whole world goes into ultra slow-mo for him. Love it !!

judo said...

Like tom cat I know none of these tunes. But the iPod meme is one of the best I have seen on your blog. Ingenious.